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I’ll start by talking about Firefall from [URL=“”]Red5 Studios. I got interested in this by sheer word of mouth from my friends in the U.K. and decided I’d take a look and submit a request to take place in one of thier betas and I got an email with a key and date to my surprise. I did the standard installs and such and the enviroment was excellent! I love the brazillian resort theme they have going on enviroment wise, and the questing isn’t bad either although you do have to tank a little to level up, but it’s worth it. The site also has a [URL=“”]WebComic that’s pretty entertaining and helps explain the premise a bit as well. This MMO is FTP (Free to Play) but if you’d like to see more get added to the MMO they have [URL=“”]founder packs you purchase to support the dev team and company. This is an awesome game and the reason Iknow this is has I’ve been playing I’ve noticed small nuiances here and there and discovered by going to Red5’s actual company site that this is [URL=“”]Mark Kern project, you know [URL=“”]Mark Kern…Starcraft, StarcarftBrood Wars, and Starcaft 64, and WoW, knowing that now I’m tempted to get a founders pack myself.