Games that Forumites are playing

Who is playing what and what client origin steam Battlenet uPlay ?

Yo Chris, anyone else visiting the forums while you and I are away working and such ? Does no one take use of the site anymore? not even Romsus is trolling or such or have they all got old and can’t do the trolling anymore? lol

Just got The Outer Worlds from a friend of mine Going to stream the setup and character creation tuesday or wensday on my twitch.

Been playing Fallout 76 with a few twitch peeps I have gotten to know a bit. Mount Blair has finally been completed out after several attempts solo, yea remember that quest is not a solo only mission. Make sure you have your peeps and they have your back as you have theirs.

@psx-dude Fallout76 tonight twitch you me and Appalachia lets go terrorize some ghouls and get some big weapons and make some big noise.

Still playing/streaming #Fallout76 #Bethesda4TheWin