This new poster-info-over-post deal is making my head all spinny-spinny. Also it essentially doubles most the posts’ lengths, making my wide but short monitor explode. Are they stuck like that, or is there some option I can check that says “Make threads not five million miles long”?

The rest of the changes I see I thoroughly approve of, though.

it’s here to stay! MUHAHAHA well at least until 5 other people complain, then i’ll change it

Seriously, my post alone takes up the entire screen. It’s only four lines long, counting the carriage return. That’s not good.

Half the screen, now that I got rid of Bigsig McSieg.

I agree with KBV, the avatar and info over the posts is taking up way too much room.

Chalk me up as another whiner.

just two more people

i’m actually trying to implement it into a user option instead, awaiting support…

Raises hand shyly Umm…I agree with them, it does take up to much space.

ok, now you have the option of on the left (vertical) or top (horizontal)

That’s all I was asking for.

Whats with the New Style???

new upgraded forum software, new style

Groovin’ and movin’.

So is it possible to give the RomsHand forums the vertical style?

This horizontal thing is playing tricks with my eyes. set the postbit view to vertical

It is already set to vertical, but the forum style for the RH forums (White, I think) overrides my settings.

Edit: changing my forum style to White on the options screen seems to have worked. Now everything is White and vertical.

Hey, where’s my old skin? You know, the dark blue and grey one… Mumbly Joe… I forget what it was called.