Furi Kuri !AKA FLCL

Aug 4 @ Midnight Furi Kuri premiers on Cartoon Network This Month gets better and better.

Anyone cares ? FLCL Is playing now as I post this…

Damn you americans and your american channels.

Wait, I’ve seen some of the other stuff on CN. ONLY IN AMERICA!

Anyway, that show kicks ass so much. Even if you hate it (foolishness) the animation and music more than makes up for your wrong gripes.

:smiley: hehehehehe Furi kuri @@!!!

Can someone please explain to me why its called Fuli Kuli in English. I know there are no L’s in Japanese, but why do these English translations just change the R’s to L’s.

Then it would not be Furi kuri and just wouldn’t sound right…

If you watch Ep 1 again, in the manga scene, they talk about the title there. From what I understand, Furi is the way you kneal bread, and kuri is the sound a squirrel makes… then again you must think beyond the norm to understand this anime.

Yes , yes but why explain it away with logic and ruin the feeling of humor you get when you say the word?

Though I did explain it, somewhat, the humor is still there if you say it…


no its foorui koooorri! :wink:

This was the weirdest show I’ve ever seen…

No it isn’t, you haven’t seen the next episode.

Im not watching cartoon network you fool. I saw it some time ago.

Quiet you fool. You are foolish in assuming I know anything about your personal life.

You assumed I never saw it.

RB saw it 1st if memory serves right. Then I got it d/l’ed and burned to cd in mpg … Yum But Haruka is so damn sexy kool .

actually furi kuri is a way of kneeding women’s nipples and breasts. so says the original japanese flcl.

<strike>You sure have.</strike>

interesting indeed. it’s one awesome show though. the music and the animation are worth it alone, in my opinion.