Stu Hart passed away this week. This news greatly saddens me. And no, I’m noy going for a Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka inverted tribute, this is true heartfelt sadness.

Stu Hart was, back in the day, a great wrestler, and was often used by regional promotions as the shooter who keeps cocky, burly challengers believing the kayfabe. I’ve never seen one of his matches, considering he wrestled in, like, the 60s, but I do know that he invented a great submission maneuver, the sharpshooter.

But Stu Hart’s matches aren’t what he will be missed for. His contributions to the business extend into our generation much more than most could imagine. Stu started a wrestling school called ‘the dungeon’ in which his sons, Bret “the Hitman” Hart and the late Owen Hart trained. Through the years, he trained many athletes, including Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Brian Pillman, Davey Boy Smith, the Dynamite Kid, Lance Storm and many others. All of these people are great mat technicians and truly wrestlers at heart, unlike some of the losers who know three moves that seem to get all the attention nowadays. Stu’s legacy lives on in his prized students, who continue to entertain each and every one of us.

I am saddened for Bret Hart as well, who has lost so many people over the years, including his brother Owen, his good friend Curt Hennig, also known as Mr. Perfect, his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith, and his mother. Now, he finds himself unable to wrestle due to brain damage and a stroke, and mostly alone, outside his wife and kids. My heart goes out to one of my favorite wrestlers, a Canadian national hero, and one of the most dedicated performers in the business.

Stu Hart’s passing sadly marks, for me at least, the end of the old-school wrestlers who trained all the favorites from the 80s WWF to today. Match quality won’t necessarily go down with the newcomers, but that old-school stiff style of days gone by will never really come back, much to my chagrin.

You will be missed, Mr. Hart. May your legacy live on in your grandson Teddy, and all your students.

I’ll thank wrestling detractors to refrain from making offensive comments towards Mr. Hart’s profession in this thread.

Hoists a drink to Mr. Hart.

Its sad, but like you say Oblivion, his legacy certainly does lives on.

And about his son Bret Hart, he was definatly one of his most succesful students, I dont think anyone that remembers those years of wrestling fondly, will forget about him, or his themesong in a hurry, times must be tough for Bret, but Im sure he will pull through with some help from his wife and kids.

The last I remember of Bret hart was him losing a match to Shawn Micheals, therefore being transfered into the NWO, yet everyone kept beating him up over there and breaking his legs (or something) and then he just kinda disappeared.
expects to now get the full story

Old school wrestlers are the bomb diggity.

And if this guy helped 80’s wrestling become as great as it was (my God, there was nothing better), he deserves mad kudos.

>mad kudos<

Ugh, Zeidrich. I don’t feel like rehashing everything for you because I do it on a weekly basis, but basically WCW never used Bret, the greatest wrestler ever, to half his potential. He was stuck doing crappy storylines and 5-minute matches in the bottom of the card. During his best storyline, a feud with Bill Goldberg, the two had a match in which Bill lost his temper at the fans booing him, and delivered a completely careless and over charged kick to the side of Bret’s head, resulting in brain damage and the end of Bret’s wrestling career.

As for the Shawn Michaels thing, it just so happens to be the most controversial event in wrestling ever. Full story is here: http://www.brethart.com/montreal.asp

Anyway, thanks for staying respectful and classy, guys.

You didn’t have to, you could’ve just posted that article…

Well, he’s dead.

As for his most successful student, Bret Hart was the most famous. But Sue Hart once said “That skinny kid made me more money than anyone else,” He was talking about The Dynamite Kid. I got that book somewhere.

Anyways, it’s wrestling. Wrestlers die. Recently Mr. Perfect, Road Warrior Hawk, Miss Elizabeth, the 3rd clone of Shane McMahon (he fell and spanned his penis = death) all died.

Aw man; after reading that I realized I’m fucked, to bed with me!

The Day Rowdy Roddy Piper dies is the day I could very well take a gasoline bath and decide to light up a camel.