FS [SOLD]: HP StorageWorks DS2400 (FC-AL, 15K RPM disks, plus extras)

Since I use different disk enclosures nowadays, including another FC-AL one, I’ve decided to part with this one. It’s a Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks Disk System 2400 FC-AL (Fiber Channel, Arbitrated Loop), with two FC-controllers (with ID switches) and dual redundant PSUs. It has a capacity of ~0.55 Tbyte with 15 fast, 15K RPM, FC disks. The disks are in the same type of ‘ring’ sleds as seen in many HP 9000 and Integrity systems. So, that should be nicely reusable.

Additionally I have two suiting QLogic QLA2300 HBAs (PCI-X fiber channel controllers with GBIC transceivers), two SFP (LC-LC type) fiber optical cables and spare disks are perhaps also available.

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It should be particularly nice for RAID 0 (e.g. with LVM under HP-UX and Linux), like for graphical/post-production applications (video editing, compositing, etc.; to be utilized as a framestore, for instance), databases (RDBMS), file serving and much more! I got around ~200 Mbyte/sec. out of it in a FC-AL RAID 0 configuration under IRIX with my SGI Tezro.

On friday, this week, this will be gone (if all goes well).

It has been sold.