FS [SOLD]: HP Integrity rx2600 (dual 1500 MHz “Madison”, 24 GB ...)

So, I decided I’m going to sell my last HP Integrity rx2600. I can’t justify it, in terms of power costs; the two rx2620s of mine will be more than enough for me.

For those unfamliar with the HP Integrity line of systems, or this system in particular: It’s a 100% 64-bit, 1- to 2-way, Intel Itanium 2 (IA-64) “Madison”-series server system. Besides a server, it can also be deployed as a rack-mounted workstation, as it’s very similar to the zx6000. For the latter purpose, both a [URL=“http://www.on-queue.com/PartQuote.cfm?part=A7531A”]“pedestal mounting” deskside conversion kit (P/N: A7531A) and a “office friendly” fan kit (P/N: AD244A) are additionally available.

It’s a particularly nice system if you’re interested in the so-called IPF (Itanium Processor Family) and the whole IA-64 architecture, along with the exclusive operating systems like OpenVMS and HP-UX of course. It’s a 100% 64-bit platform, as I said above, though the “Madison”-series processors offer some 32-bit, i.e. “IA-32”, x86 hardware emulation features. (See the Intel Itanium processor documentation for more information.)

Base configuration:[LIST][]1× to 2× Intel Itanium 2 “Madison” @ 1500 MHz (SL6XF);
]4, 8, 12, 16, 20 to 24 GB ECC-reg. DDR-SDRAM (maximally expandable to 24 GB, with the scarce 4 GB DIMMs possibly even beyond that);
[]650 watt power supply;
]Ultra320 SCSI (SCA/SCA2, 80-pin) HDD, e.g. 72.8 GB (contact me for available disks);
[]dark gray plastic bezel is present, in excellent physical condition (just like the rest of the exterior, for that matter);
]without rack rails;
[*]support for a large and varied range of operating systems, some exclusive to the platform, including: OpenVMS I64 (from V8.2 upwards), HP-UX 11i (from V2 upwards for Integrity), Linux IA-64, FreeBSD IA-64, Windows XP 64-bit (2003 Edition for Itanium), Windows Server 2003 64-bit, Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit …[/LIST]

Additional options:[LIST][]slimline DVD-ROM (8x) drive;
]card cage with PCI/-X or AGP & PCI/-X backplane;
[]AMD/ATi AGP graphics adapters: Radeon 7500 ME (128 MB), Radeon 7500 All-In-Wonder (64 MB) or possibly FireGL X1 (256 MB);
]iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) Advanced / MP, remote management module with integrated ATi Radeon 7000, along with optional SSH capability;
[]+1 (= 2× total) 650 watt power suppl{y/ies};
]HP 1000BASE-TX NIC, one with support for e.g. OpenVMS (alternatively, also a ‘standard’ version with only Linux, Windows, etc. support);
[]HP StorageWorks SmartArray 6400 series, dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI RAID controller;
]1 - 2× QLogic QLA2300 fibre channel HBA('s), or;
[]1 - 2× HP combo Gigabit ethernet & FC HBA adapter (P/N: A9784A);
]HP StorageWorks Disk System 2400 fibre channel disk system with fifteen [15×] 36,4 GB, 15K RPM, FC-AL disks (and spares available) plus LC/SFP-transceivers (GBIC) and LC/LC optical cables (see my other offers for sale, here in the Marketplace);
[]Neterion Xframe 10GBASE-SR NIC (with support for in OpenVMS and HP-UX, contact me for information and availability);
]OpenVMS (incl. Layered Products), HP-UX, Linux (distribution of choice, Debian and Gentoo are the most sensible choices) or FreeBSD pre-installed.[/LIST]

Feel free to contact me for more information and pictures. A test drive, via SSH or Telnet, is also a possibility.

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Wow, you bring new standard into sales :thumbs up.

It was sold today. The new owner is (or owners, actually, are) going to use it for HP-UX.

Did you suggest him/her to give a chance for OpenVMS?

I did mention I ran it on that system, but I think the person that came to pick it up (on behalf also of his associate/friend) has a specific desire to run HP-UX. I think they plan to run a Serviceguard ‘cluster’ (big word, of course, compared to TruCluster and especially VMScluster).