FS: HP Integrity rx2600 parts (various)

If you’re looking for something, I have a lot of rx2600 spares that I probably won’t be needing anymore. I even have an entire rx2600 motherboard (which I’ve tested and works, you’d probably get UUID errors at most in the EFI environment, but you can still manually boot up operating systems), processor-cooler and VRM assemblies, Intel Itanium 2 ‟Madison” at 1500 MHz with 6 MB cache (SL6XF), slimline DVD-ROM drive, airflow guides/baffles, iLO/MP card, 2 & 4 GB PC2100 ECC-registered DDR-SDRAM memory kits and more.

If there’s something you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll see if I have it.

Huh? Spare one? :confused:

Yes, since I got the ‟Montecito” processors for the rx2620s, remember? (They required different airflow guides/baffles, because the processor-cooler and VRM assembly is different in overall shape and dimensions.)