Fruity loops is fun

So I’ve been working on some Megaman 3 remixes.

… well, technically, these aren’t remixes, because I take a MIDI file (that somebody else made) and change the instruments, then add a little bit more… so I guess you can just call these “enhanced resamples”, heh.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are.

Intro Resample 3.2mb (Approximately 80% complete)

Hardman Resample 3.4mb (Approximately 15% complete)

Right now the Intro resample is a lot closer to completion than the Hardman resample, but I wanted to throw them both out for c+c (criticism and critiquing). Hell, right now I don’t even like the Hardman resample, but criticism and opinions are always good (So long as they aren’t mindless OMFG U SUX AT TEH FROOTY LEWPS LOOLOLOLOL)

And yes, again, I realize that the Hardman resample is kind of… empty, so don’t bother pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue:

wow mucho yay for the hardman sample. It was always my fav song from 3 and you sure techno’d it up. it’s only 15% done you say? seemed alright to me.

Yeah. Hardman only has a beat right now, I’m going to add more rhythm and ambience later on.

Wooo, Those were pretty Funky!