Has anyone heard of friendster? it’s a service that you add friends to and their friends add them and you ca supposidly meet them, just wondering if anyone has tried this out.

I’ve heard of it. I’ve never tried it, though.

I have no friends though.

I am like Vaska. I heard of it about the beginning of August. Haven’t tried it.

Yeah. Me, Zeidrich and some other friends are on it.

I’ll pass… I have enough p2p crap…

not p2p… more like making your friends feel obligated to write cool “testimonials” about you :smiley:

How pathetic…

And you don’t like it because?

If “friendster” is soooo cool. Why isn’t it mentioned in some of the Gaming Mags or Internet Mags? Besides Wtf is IRC for then? or IM programs? I think its just a another PoS program to stroke one’s ego …

OMGGGG!2!!! IT’s not in a gaming mag! That must mean it’s no good.

Besides Wtf is IRC for then? or IM programs?

Irony in action.

I also mentioned magazines like Windows, Pc monthly, Internet Buisness Monthly , Wallstreet and other such types of media that would give it a boost if it was usch a great product.

As far a Friendster goes here is My vote.

Yay 4 //\3.

because im can’t tell you about the friends friends and so on, can’t search their interests, and it can’t dance the dance that shall not be danced.

I doubt you’ve read every issue of every Internet or computer based magazine in the world, so you’re not in a position to make that statement.

If you have read them all I’ll retact my statement.

No, whereas you are entitled to your opinion so am I.
I think Friendster is just another PoS SpysterWare and I’ll stick with a winner, IRC.

Uh… how could it possibly be spyware, if nothing is ever installed and the information you provide isn’t specific enough for them to do anything but spam your email?

How do you know that nothing is being installed? No rather don’t bother. …

Leon, you obviously know absolutely nothing about this program or even how it works, yet you are lambasting it.

That IS my point.

Like I said entitled to your opinion.

And his point is correct.