Free Ragnarok Online! Ame Server High Rate!

Ame Server! -

IP: (6900)
Rates: 1500xBase/1500xJob/1500xItem/1500xCard
IRC: #Ame

We are currently Still in Beta Mode! A New Reopened Server. Main Town is in Prontera where 10 NPCS that sell Equipment and Job/Warpers are placed. All Characters start with 35 million Zeny. All items execpt healing items cost 25000. All items are 4 Slotted Execpt Shields.

-Weapon Dealer Full
-Armor Dealer Full
-Accessory Dealer Full
-Garment Dealer Full
-Foot Gear Dealer Full
-Warper To Every Dungeon
-Job Changer Including 3rd Jobs
-Renter (Cart, Eagle, Horse, Grand Horse)
-Head Gear Dealer Full

------Files Needed for Play------
You will need 2 files to play for exisiting users to other servers that have a data folder with all the sprites up to date; at

  1. from our website
  2. eroAme.exe from our website

For New Users you must have the kro client, sakray client, and our data folder that can be downloaded in our site

  1. erodatav1.1.rar
  2. RAG_SETUP1228.exe
  3. SAK_SETUP1228.exe

If you have trouble installing or connection to our server you can visit our installation page at

-----How to Register-----
You can use the default e****** registration that is using _M and _F after a new username and password to connect. For more information connect to our website

Thanks for Taking your time to review, hope you have fun!


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