Free DVD Backup Utilitys

I’ve recently found my self enveloped by the beutifull world of DVD decryption and encoding.

Its a magical world where all of your old DVDs become new toys for you to play with!

Best CD/DVD ripping and burning tool ever made!

DVD Shrink
How do I get this commercial (DVD9) dvd onto a DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW (DVD5)? This little baby right here.

Very useful stuff!

Hey Midri, I’ve got a set of MPEG-2’s all set to burn to a DVD… is this ripping utility you link to here all that i’ll need to do the actual burning? I’ve never really done this before.

Never turned MPEG-2s into DVD’s befor, you probably need some kind of publishing software… however Movie Maker that comes with winXP might be able to do it… not sure.

for a shitload of information and tools for DVD ripping/creation check out

look into ifoedit and vobedit on that doom9 site for some info. i used vobedit to take video and audio mpeg2 files (i think .mp2 and .m2v) and make a vob with them. check around the site.

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