Forums upgrade

Upgraded from 3.6.1 to 3.6.8. Hopefully this will kill some of the spam bots and small bugs!

Let me know if there are any issues in this thread.

Has it had any noticeable positive effect already?

Nope, still getting attacked by bots. Will try to upgrade to the new vB sometime in the future, and probably consolidate the themes and addons. Or maybe just upgrade to phpbb or any of the free ones.

Do you have any plans with the forum, at the moment? Do you think you could host forums? It’d be nice to have a place to discuss things like VMS (as in OpenVMS), UNIX/-derivatives, high(er)-end computing in general and what-not, besides the more commercial/business oriented places (like HP’s ECB, formerly ITRC).

Hey MG, if you’re interested in a hosted forum, send me a skype message or a message here. I’ll need the forum name and a short description for the forum. Trying to limit the number of registered spambots so hopefully any new members are good with captchas.

Haven’t seen many spam-bots registering here lately. I think having a particular question on the registration page is helping. Enjoy your new forum MG. If it picks up I may upgrade my vB license. :slight_smile:

I’d still like to upgrade to vb 4. It looks like I could pay to get some mobile apps. Is anyone interested in some mobile apps for android and iPhone for posting here?

I’m fine without, but since you mention it, maybe it’d be useful and interesting (perhaps for new users). I used to have an iPad 2 (gave it away to a relative) and use Android (v3.1) nowadays.

The new vBulletin also has a nice mobile interface, I was using it on my Asus Transformer today. Looks like I’ll upgrade in a couple of months when I save some dough and after I pay property taxes for the year.