Forum Upgrade! New Features

I know this forum hasn’t seen a whole lot of activity recently but let’s change that! I’ve installed the brand new version of vBulletin which includes a CMS and the ability for users to post to personal Blogs. The CMS will be used if anyone posts up some interesting news articles I will promote them to articles. For Blogs I believe you can make them public or private but it would be a good place to post some stuff up.

Please let me know if you come across any issues in this thread and I’ll try to resolve them.

It looks like the styles will have to be updated to the new version, I’ll see what I can do to bring some of them forward to vb4.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh what happened everything is changed I hate change!!!

Spare some change?

The upgrade to 4.2.2 PL4 has been completed. I also renewed my SSL certificate and set it all back up so feel free to use https from now on.

I might move this over to Discourse in the near future. vBulletin is expensive for what it delivers these days, which really ain’t all that much versus other forums.