For all you google earth lovers/hurricane news watchers out there

I figured this might interest some of you.

I’m not sure how long that link will be valid, so get to steppin’!

I want to ride a jet ski around the streets.

It reminds you how small you really are in the face of such powers as nature and death doesn’t it?

May the Gods have mercy on the folk of New Orlenes. Lady keep every one of them.

I agree with you MarPai, poor souls. May God bless them all, every last one of them,

I’m sure my Lady will not mind working with Yeshua. I admit I must admire the son of your god. He is a great teacher, even for those of us who do not follow him.

At least we can agree on something, I think…

Many find there are things I agree with them on, and others where we will be at loggerheads. I am a woman of passions and inner strength. And I will be blunt with you. I have learned that what others think doesn’t matter. I need only please myself and the gods.

This doesn’t mean that I cannot care for my fellow man, and my prayers go to those who have suffered. But I do not care what others think of me. I hide nothing of what I am to anyone who asks me honestly and truely wants to know.

There is so much beauty in life, I’m not going to loose a bit of it by caring about weather or not my fellow man thinks it’s beautiful. Even now there is beauty in New Orelenes. People who are willing to give their lives to save strangers, people who share what little they have with those who have nothing. Such beauty of the human soul deserves to be honored and I pray to all the gods I know, even to Yeshua son of Yeweh that those good souls will know their reward.

Let such beauty always exist. It is worthy of any god.

It is a shame that this thread went dead. I guess that to many people forgett those who suffered from Katrina and now Rita.

If you have a moment say a prayer to your favorite god or goddess for the people who’s lives are shattered by this.

Or, of course, you can walk away.

HOLY CRAP PEOPLE DIED, more people die every day in car crashes, murders, and that sort of thing in the US. But everyone seems to give a shit when its the weather that kills or some terrorists that do the same.

Oh, thank you, Holy Teacher, for showing us the way. You are truly the most benevolent creature since Jesus roamed the earth. I demand that you erect a shrine to all the victims of every hurricane, war, genocide, accident, and wrongful death ever, and pray at it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And while you’re there, you can read a book about the English language, so you can finally grasp that “who’s” is a contraction of the words “who” and “is.”

Or, of course, you can walk away.

I love how you take a good wish for people who suffered and try to make it hateful.

Squall you win, they are NOT worth it.

And Trotsky, I may not have a shrine but I do have a prayer for them. I pray that eventually the human race will GROW UP so this never happens again

Yes, because once we’ve grown up, hurricanes will not flood our coastal cities that happen to be located below sea level. By then we will have invented a giant robotic, folktale-esque cowboy who can lasso twisters and hurricanes and send them back to the terrorists (or deep blue yonder) where they came from.

Or did you mean that you hope the human race will grow up so threads like this don’t get posted anymore? If so, I totally agree.

I’d hate to meet the sorry individual worthy your presence. He probably eats puppies and hands out poison at Halloween.

I’d hate to meet the sorry individual worthy of your attentions. He probably eats puppies and hands out poison at Halloween.