There is only 6 or 7 episodes of FLCL. THAT FUCKING SUX!

Six it is.

Yes. Point?

No clue!

like i read somewhere, six is a good number to leave flcl at. i dont think it would be able to have the same effect on people if it were 25/26 episodes long, even 13. like ah! my goddess (5 episodes), some anime shouldnt be made long. im babbling, this floridian air is killing me. (im in disney world, woooohoo)!

Wooo Disney land!

Will FLCL make me happy?

Or will it rot my brain?

Both are good things.

It will do both.

Then victory shall be mine.

Maybe they will show it over here(UK), Instead of of the constant re-runs of Dragon Ball Z and Legend of the Overfiend! :slight_smile:

But I haven’t seen any Dragon Ball Z or Legend of the Overfiend!

/me smacks Rav in teh back of the head. That stuff is for teens…

flcl is great only people who dislike it are the people who dislike weird stuff


hello any one there


Yes, excuse Oblivion, he needs some mountain dew. Welcome to psx enjoy your stay. Also I love Haruka-chan… sigh Wish they had a kit of her and that vespa. :wink:

Mountain Dew is Exxxxxxxxxxtreeeeeeeeeme!

I must go snowboard over a flaming bus full of Xenomorphs, now.

hey everybody have you ever thought hey i love flcl i wanna tell my friends and they dont like it and it seems everbody hates it i dont understand it thats why im here thats why i joined this forum and i know i made spelling errors and crap but thats because im playing eminem haleys song …*****… just wondering

I have never thought anything like this. Everyone I know who’s seen it has enjoyed it. Even some who haven’t seen it enjoyed it.

That depends flclfan55, see some of us were just born this way. Others had trained to come to the side of the barrier. Others still longed to belong and they seemed to just pass over from geekhood to freindhood. so welcome friend.