So there’s <a href=“”>fire</a> near my house. Biggest fires in San Diego history by 3 times or so. They’re all over California actually, psx-dude was complaining about ash as much as I. However, there are a few fires on the horizon that I captured on camera, which I will soon post. Fortunately for me, the fires are unlikely to reach my house, but it’s still possible that they could. and now pics:

EDIT: The first three pics are near my workplace where lots of smoke is filling the sky. That’s smoke you see in those pictures, not clouds or smog. It got so bad that we had to close 5 hours early. Also, that guy wearing the mask is my cow-orker Dan.

and more:

just one more:

mmm soot

ye gods


It’s pretty cool, in a way.

That’s all this [biting an hissing sracasm]great[/biting and hissing sarcasm] country of yours needs to re-establish a solid economy: having half the forests burn down.

Good lord.

[serious] Keep safe, for God’s sake.

[normalcy] God is not pleased that you guys voted in a man who equated lifting a large heavy thing to “cuming inside a woman.”

And God is right.

And I’d be shitting myself if I were in your shoes…

Meh, beats tornados and floods and earthquakes.

And volcanoes.

Hmm… the fire is edging towards my town… This is not encouraging news. I doubt I’ll be sleeping much tonight.

I prey to the Lord; Satan, that you are fire proof.

I hope to whatever powers there be you and chris. Ok?
What is the result for East County and such so Far Chem?

i haven’t seen any flames, but there is fire close by. It was really bad on saturday (2nd picture) with all the smoke. The first was taken last night, those are actual flames lighting up the smoke, i believe in fillmore. The smoke got so thick sometimes it almost looked like night during the daytime.<br><br>

Sweet Jesus!

I really would be shitting myself…

I would be, but I’m too busy having coughing fits from all the ash in the air

UPDATE: The fires are in the outskirts of my city now. It’s surrounded by large hills of dry brush and old trees, so that isn’t helping. I’m still fairly sure that they won’t reach my house, but this just means it’s going to get harder and harder to breath.

To those living in California be careful.

News flash: the fires have moved east of where I live, so no danger to me. Well, except for the risk of lung cancer from all the damn smoke…

Im keeping my fingers crossed for u guys in Cali

So its moving towards Alpine now Chem? That’s not so good especially for Julian and all the Apple groves up there. Not To Mention Green Valley river and those terrrific Naturally made pool they have up there.

Something tells me that the water won’t burn down…