For most people here, finals are almost here. I have one final tomorrow and another on Teusday, then I’m free. When do you guys have finals and what are they in?

My finals were the two days before today.

'bout time all you kids graduated.

My finals are in just over a week.

My finals come in a week or two. I have about 3 weeks left until sweet freedom.

I took my finals the week of April 20th.

I’ve been out of school for over a month now.

You people are slow.

One final down an one more to go. All I can say is thank goodness for professors who grade on a curve.

My finals have come and gone. I ended in the beginning of may:D

I have a Persuasive Speech, health final and math final within the next two weeks.

I just took my final final in Japanese 221. The only part I chokes on was when I had to write 10 sentences using interogative words like itsu (when), dare (who) and nani (why). I could only think of 9 at the time, but that’s only 3 points out of 100. I did surprisingly well in the Kanji section considering I hadn’t learned most of them untill the day right before the final. Let’s hope the person with the highest score did poorly so my grade will go to an A with the curve.,

my japanese teacher would never grade on a curve. The Japanese language is best taught as strictly as possible. It helps with learning the culture as well.

Chembot kun wa kanji no ichiban seito desuka?

Originally posted by Zeidrich
Chembot kun wa kanji no ichiban seito desuka?

Mochiron desuyo. Anta wa nan nensei desu ka?

san nensei desu ga, ima nihongo no kurasu arimasenyo.

Watashi wa namake mono desu ne.