File requests/complaints now, fellas

Today is Tuesday the 10th, if you were unaware. On Saturday the 14th, I will be departing for two weeks in sunny Oscoda, Michigan right on the big lake the Natives don’t call Gitchegumee, but instead on Lake Huron, watery home to less exciting maritime disasters.

For these two weeks I will be nowhere near a computer (thank Jebus), and I will be forced to enjoy golfing, swimming, volleyball, drinking beer, and lounging on the beach all day and night.

What does this mean for you besides jealousy? Well nothing, except I will be incommunicado for two whole weeks.

Two weeks isn’t so bad, right? Well, for another two weeks directly following the two weeks in Oscoda, I will be going up to Houghton, Michigan (with Gil and the MIA Pianosaurus) to spend time with aborted_Fetus and his cadre of fanatics.

Now you’re all seething, I’m sure. Or not. Whatever.

Regardless, have a fun month of no Trotsky, and get in all your compliments (yeah right) and insults before Saturday morning.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ll probably be broke and miserable when I return.

Hah! You have to wait till Sayuraday to relax and have fun.

Since I finished university for the year all I’ve done is have BBQs, go to BBQs, play footbal, ultimate frisbee and hang out at the beach.

And I don’t even have to leave my town.

Volleyball rocks! Whoever wants to come down or up to New Jersey to play in my summer league is very welcome. Why I’m saying this, I have no idea.

Ney Jersey?

Can I come down, play volleyball and then hang with Tony?


Our volleyball is better than all other forms of volleyball.

You are encouraged to play with all extremities, including the feet, head, and torso. Your side can hit the ball to itself as many times as needed. Playing while holding a beer is smiled upon. Pantsing your opponent at the net is always a good idea.

Volleyball is fun in all forms, even the game Nukem to some extent.

Trot, before you go, I feel I must snipe heavily-politicized insults at you. That said, you are:

A) anti-American
B) a communist
C) a Nazi-loving queer

Have fun!

A & B I will gladly accept, but C is only for Hitler loving freaks like Thomas Jefferson.

Poor Trot. He must endure two weeks of suck in the sucky nature, and now you call him a Nazi. Way to add insult to injury, even if the two are entirely unrelated.

Nature does not suck! Why, if I wasn’t so fucking lazy, I’d have signed up as camp counselor this summer.

Truth be told, if they didn’t make the new guys work in the kitchen on their first month, I’d have joined already. Ah, the Canadian woods, full of freedom and Grizzlies.

No I’m sorry oblivion, <a href=“”>Nature Suxx</a>

Originally posted by Oblivion
Nature does not suck!

If this is true, then how do you account for dirt? And West Nile Virus? Huh?

I’m pretty much in the whole: nature sucks crowd. Bears frighten me, hunters creep me out, and backwoods rapists don’t thrill me either.

Ticks, mosquitos, gnats, chiggers, wolf spiders, bees, hornets, wasps…all of these things are evil devil spawn and they all swarm around me in nature.

The closest I get to “nature” on these trips is when I go golfing, and I accidentaly hit my ball into the woods. I don’t even like going on our yearly canoe trips…

Gah, I’m such a pussy.

However, it is nice to get away from modern technology for a couple weeks. No more sitting, staring at my computer in the vain hope that something interesting will just suddenly happen. Now I will sit in the sun, staring at the lake, not expecting anything to happen. Ahhh…

Then the moose will come and rape you.

Originally posted by Trot_to_Trotsky
Vacation stuff

Hey, do you think you can send out that hosting company email before you go, or possibly before the sun expands and consumes the earth??

Whoops. I forgot about that.

I’ll have to dig up the email, I suppose…

Before you go, you should post in this thread.

Originally posted by Oblivion
Before you go, you should post in this thread.


Banned in under 30 minutes.

Even I’m impressed.

Although I don’t like that moderator’s attitude. Furries are furries because they don’t like being people, thus we should treat them like we treat animals. We can use them for food and make them do work for no pay…or we can burn and gas them for no reason.

Furries. Peh.