Figgered i'd ask

Is it alright to steal the Taylon smilies of power for my forums of greatness?

Is it okay to say I’m the one who draws these comics and sell them on the streets of Detroit and some parts of Indonesia

Is it okay if I approve both requests without consulting Roms? (I am asking KBV)


Okay guys it is approved, have a good one.

(Hooray for soviet politics… minus the killing)

Then where exactly do we derive said “hooray” ??

Unauthorized pawning of government goods.

For big Soviet profits, Comrade!

Yes, you can use the smilies. We are all amigos here.

Taylon is very popular in cities where the current amount of bullets flying through the air outnumber humans. So really, we’re popular in Baghdad, Kabul…and Detroit.

So knock yourself out.