Favorite Movies of 2003

Ah, since 2003 is over, it’s time to list what movies were most enjoyable in 2004. I like the following, in no particular order:

[]Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
]Kill Bill Volume 1
[]The Last Samurai
]X2: X-men United
[]The Hulk
]Step into Liquid
[*]ADD: Pirates of the Carribean
[/list]If I can remember an others i’ll edit this post… so post your favorite movies of 2003 and discuss.

What about that one movie that featured Johnny And The Hurricanes in the soundtrack.

Some claim RotK doesn’t count…

I liked nearly all the movies you mentioned Psx(Well not The Last Samurai and Step into Liquid because I havent seen them yet).

But I have no idea how you could like the Hulk, it was the most tedious movie ever.

Other Movies I liked that year were Pirates of the Caribbean(Awesome movie) and Timeline(Not great, but a fun medieval romp nonetheless:)).

The hulk was a great movie, i saw it 3 times! just the acting, the style of the movie, the directing, it was great.

adding pirates… forgot that one came out…

Kill Bill,The Last Samurai,Matrix Reloaded,Cowboy Bebop,Spirited Away,Anger Managment, These were my Favorites due to Great Story line plot creation and contuinity on two of them. The Last Samurai smells of a Oscar. Kill Bill as well. Anger Managment in itself is therapy alone on a dvd . Matrix Reloaded for the Seq’s they had and the choreagraphy & SFX.

Hulk was not the most tedious movie ever. Tedious, maybe…not worst.

No one mentioned Lost in Translation. I thought that was a great movie, apart from what everyone else has mentioned.

Leon, I’m pretty sure Spirited Away was out in 2002.

I like all the movies you’d expect me to, as in X-men, Last Samurai, Matrix Reloaded, Kill Bill, Hulk, Lord of The Rings: Episode III, Pirates Of the Carribean.

I just want to point out how much 28 days later disappointed me. If anyone can find good points for that movie “Very scary” sure as hell won’t be one.

I don’t think I saw any other movies last year, so that’s all.

EDIT: Oh, wait, Freddy vs Jason was great too.

Freddy VS Jason was the one I’ve been waiting for since that last Jason movie when ya actually see freddy’s claws come thru the mask and dragg em down to hell. Down With Love Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, was also a good film. The Man Without a Past, was also quite riviting, good plot nice effects and action as well.

Actually, it had a brief bigger run RIGHT after the Oscars.

Yup and was running at the Ken Cinema back in March Last Yr in San Diego.

wow, so if i invented a time machine, went back in time to san diego i could see it? neat.


Best move of the year.

Anger Managment = The Win.

I say. East is East was kick ass.

The Passion of the Christ critiques us all when we claim we’ve been having a bad day.

I don’t know when it was released in the mighty USofA, but I’d pick “Adaptation” as my film of 2004. It made me laugh, it mad me cry, it made me want to jerk off all over Nicolas Cage’s funny haired head. Awesome.

And the film of 2004, which I can annouce now because there’s no way a better film is going to be released ever… “Shaun of the Dead.” For those of you who have no idea what i’m talking aboot it’s a romantic comedy, with zombies.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Spaced, The Office or my favourite DANGER! INCOMMING ATTACK with NICK FROST!

But if you have seen any of the above, This is better, abd by better I mean a shite load better. Download it now, or wait it comes out in the USA.