I was just thinking about this.

Don’t you ever wonder if what you’re doing has already been decided that you’re going to do it that way? If you fall down some stairs it was already destined to be that way?

I’ve been going over this in my head for quite some time and it makes some sense that it is possible. What we learn and know teaches us how to react, we all react our own ways to events and such. Our own minds control how we talk to others, so if you yell at someone it was already decided that based on what you know and the other person knows that you would react the way you did already because they reacted a certain way that made you yell at them.

Am I making sense or am I just nuts?

I don’t believe in fate. I believe in you reap what you sow.

And different reactions due to past experiences isn’t fate, it’s experience.

You make perfect sense. That is all correct.

Him, or <strike>Him</strike> me?

I’m confused. Vaska, you made no sense.

It is the if make sensing!

I meant PSX.

Now, that makes sense.

If you are a believer in any form of all-knowing all-seeing god, then you are also a firm believer in fate. Since god knows all and sees all, you are predetermined to do whatever it is you do. If you go to hell because of what you do, god knew you would before you were even born. God rocks that way.

The conclusion of predetermination is kind of hard to avoid that way.

so what is time exactly? if the present is nothing more than what your mind is thinking at the present time? if everything is already decided what is the point of life if you’re just along for the ride?

Life, like any good ride, is chock full of thrill and cotton candy. Ride for the thrill; the cotton candy is for accidentally dropping and being sad about because now it’s all dirty and you can’t eat it.

wants his $5 back

it could also be said for anything that exists in this universe and the universe existing itself.

I guess the more you believe in fate, The more truth you see in it, Kinda like religion I guess.

well can you give a counterpoint to this fate thing?

It’s impossible to give a counterpoint, not that it matters. It’s all a matter of nomenclature and induction anyway, so depending on how you define determinism and free will the two ideas could clash or they could be free of contradiction.

You know [SIZE=6][COLOR=dimgray]NOTHING![/COLOR][/SIZE] who are any of you to know that what events and situations that transpire are Pre ordained? None! Your “fates” as you so call it are a set of decision making issues one action has a direct effect of another’s and vice versa so where one ends another begins and only upon thinking and weighing out the outcomes and possible end results can you make what is to be your destiny THAT is the truth (imo) as I have experienced it as!

Leon, what are you so angry about? Nothing that’s been said contradicts that.
This is exactly what I’ve been saying: you can’t differentiate between the theories because they have no predictive capacity. The only test we have for a theory of whether the universe is deterministic or allows free will is to see whether it agrees with our perceptions. Since both kinds of theories can do this, Leon can propose a theory that is different from what anyone has said, but, as long as it agrees with perception, it must describe a universe identical in every testable way to that described by any other theory that agrees with perception.

Which all makes it all the more confusing why he’s so upset.

Well, I believe in a certain level of determinism which is directly proportional to the far-fetchedness and importance of the event. For example, if I eat an orange this morning, it’s because I felt like eating oranges. But if George Bush were to spontanously combust just before achieving peace in Israel, that just might be fate. The trick is to know which is which, and to not let yourself get caught in the wave. Always think instead of reacting, it’s a good start. Also, join the Red-Panda-Z.

It’s destiny…

why must people try to find logical explanations for everything that exists? why don’t you all just take oblivion’s advice and eat some oranges