Fail2ban-server high-cpu usage fix

This just happened on the server here which caused my host to turn off the system. I logged in and fail2ban-server was eating up CPU cycles and not doing any work. The underlying problem appeared to be related to log files (/var/log/auth.log) being too big and being read/written too frequently. The solution on Ubuntu was to fix logrotate for this file. First find the entry for auth.log

$ grep -r "auth.log" /etc/logrotate.d
/etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog:/var/log/auth.log {

And fix it so it looks like this, and restart logrotate.

/var/log/auth.log {
  rotate 7
  size 10M

It should keep the size small and rotate it more frequently. Out of the box it was set to rotate weekly.

yea that would do it, and how are you ? I don’t see much of you on G or FB much

Still working from home and trying to stay sane with all that’s going on. Still doing little home improvements and am trying to wrap up some wood working projects. How about you?

Same, working from and working the holidays as well as well for the rest of yr. Seems that regardless of Covid management thinks people and their teslas are going to be driving on the holidays instead of you know being at home staying safe using common sense… otherwise little home improvements here and there we finally got a patio out in the backyard the canopy will be assembled in Spring though, also installing a usb/walloutlet down in the office too. I am also streaming again on twitch.

I have to admit I took a little vacation this year but wore a mask and socially distanced as much as possible. I might get out for my birthday just to get a little break from work. Free supercharging is nice and autopilot makes road trips fun. What games are you streaming on twitch?

usually #Fallout76 and destiny 2 but I play the oddball grab bag game once and awhile tehloen is the handle I use there.