Excellent News!

My appendix decided it would be funny to not only be useless, but also cause me loads of pain! So the doctors ripped that sucker right outta there!


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sell it on ebay!

Welcome to the surgery club! It will cause you loads of pain!! NO NON-SURGERY VICTIMS ALLOWED.

Every Monday, we all sit together in a circle and sing songs to the spirits of our lost organs! This ensures they find peace and happiness in the afterlife! We also play Yahtzee.

Can I join? I didn’t lose any organs, I just got my bones sawed.

Hay, I made a post here but it didn’t show up! Neat!

But like I said, I’m totally up for some Yahtzee! And you of course have to use an exclamation point at all times when referring to Yahtzee! It’s that fun!

Also, they didn’t give me back my appendix, so I can’t sell it to stupids on eBay.


They didn’t give me my kidney when they took it out, but I swear I saw it floating in a huge jar at a supermarket deli a few weeks ago.

Perhaps your appendix is feeding starving children in Kansas.

Perhaps. But I do not like Kansas, children, or starving, so I would like to get my appendix back before it goes and does those things.

My uncle had his appendix taken out within 24 hours of you.


FoxNews is there first.

I once underwent surgery to insert three extra lungs. They then operated again to remove them.

What. Was your doctor Dr. Phil?

No, Dr. Phil would be inserting extra organs inside himself to increase his power so that he can take over the world. He’s plotting with Robot Opra to overthrow the governments of the world, one tear-soaked media personality interview at a time.

I’m putting on the tinfoil hat as we speak!

I had surgery to have a pus-filled cyst on my butt removed. CAN I JOIN THE CLUB?!

To feast on them.

Only if you like CLUB soda! Get it!? Haha!

HAHAHA… wait, huh? No :frowning: