Even the passenger gets in trouble

Chick’s tracts may be bad, but this is even worse. It’s not even funny!



“You need a helmet, eye protection and a permission slip,” are also the suggested guidelines for women foolish enough to date me.

just watch this, the voice acting is soooo bad


$20,000 IN DAMAGE? Were they throwing Fabrige eggs???

And HOW am…I SUPPOSED to…get aDATE…if I can’t…drive???

And just for the record, T.P. spells “tp” not “trouble.”

That’ll teach you to cooperate with authorities in an emergency!

Hahahhahahaha, and the talkback section is priceless:

for the shoplifting one:

i think she should not have been punished because she was black and in a wheelchair that is racism k thx bai

i think tina should punch alison in the face for geting her in big truble.

“He panick when he heard the notice from the head teacher and when the princerble ask to check his backpac, his heart started to pump really farst and i think his punishment was good.”

That’s why I never talk to darkies.

Not only is he expelled, but he’s <i>permanently</i> expelled.

Aw snap.

Edit: hahahahah: “sorry”

Five years later, Mikee was a corporate drone, while his friend led an exciting and lucrative life posing for gangsta cologne print ads.

Arizona law is the bomb.

That’s a very serious threat, sir. I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you to the DHS, the CIA and JSS.

No, not Jesus!


i sure love that alchohol

Trotsky loves the music in drag race disaster

oh and:

On 11/07/03
John from AZ said:
last week i beat a guy unconscious with piece of rebar because he was trying to mug me. is that a crime or self defence?