Elddir.com (sigh)

Havent worked on the site, wanted to know what you guys think of the layouts…


Style1 looks out of place, the colors don’t match.

Style2 looks a bit better, colors better, but text hard to read, also do you really need that large of a header? I mean, unless you’re going to put something up there to me it just seems like wasted space.

Ya the header, I just like the extra room to play with when creating the design… Then afterwords I’m always wondering why I waisted the space…

It might be useful for making custom headers later on… perhaps a custom graphic for “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Apocalypse”, etc.

I decided perhaps ditching the header all-together and going with a Emblem over the menu, kinda cool, I think… also changed the font, font color, and added indentions between items.

Can be found here:

Also if you can’t tell the metal looking material is well metal, and the green stuff over it is a metalic paint. The words and emblem are sorta sprayed onto the metalic paint. (Do you guys see it the same way I do?)

turn it into html (or xhtml) :slight_smile:


TA DA, I don’t do html untill I’m sure I want to use the layout anymore… html takes like 50% of the damn time it takes to make the god damn layouts…

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So really old thread here, but whatever happened to the Style of the site and did it ever go live ?

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