Ehhhhh, I choose the goat looking guy surrounded by all the flames

Hot hot Jack Chick action that will make you sinners think twice about celebrating Halloween, or running in front of traffic, or quitting Sunday school, or…well, I’m not quite sure what Jack was getting at with this one, but I’m sure it has something to do with Gays and Jews being evil.

And see, my logic is, if you choose to live with Diablo, sure you’re tortured for all eternity, but at least you know what you’re getting. Jack Chick’s Jesus is just really whiney and makes you work for his love, like some really high maintenance girlfriend (and really, she’s just bound to dump you in the end anyway).

At least Satan hates everyone equally…



he forgot to draw necks on those boys… he’s slipping that Chick

Also that boy in front is fifty years old. And that’s superman behind him with the amazing deformed man.

Awesome, everyone dressed up as jawas down in the abyss for halloween(Execpt for that devily guy, boooooo).

I can never tell if his comics are insanely sarcastic or not. I mean, technically the Bible does say this, but I didn’t think any Christians actually believed it… Why would someone follow a religion where good people are sent to eternal suffering?

Because, um, DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!!!

According to the Christian God, all sins are equal. That means that hitler is exactly equal to a kid who mouths off to his parents.

And if Hitler recieves christ into his heart (which he probably did), and the kid was an atheist, then hitler will be in heaven smiling down as the kid is boiled alive in his own feces for eternity.

And, of course, when you factor in original sin handed down from adam and eve…

That is why Christianity is an inherently amoral religion.

Either that or we’re all going to Hell.

Holy shit! Chick was on a D&D rampage with this one. I wonder what set him off to it. Probably had his dark elf ranger Thyndryl Blackheart killed by a kobold or something. Damn kobolds.

That gives me +8 to <img src=“”>

When my hardcore necro died against Blood Raven in normal, I totally slit my wrists, but then my mom was like: GOOD! so i stitched them back up to show her!!!

rock music is part of the occult?