eBay Auction

Maybe we should have a thread (or possible forum) to help those people who are trying to sell things on ebay to get the word out so to speak. I just put my Outlaw Star wallscroll up on the block, bid now!


and while you’re at it, check out my auction for my laptop relisted with an even lower price:


Since when did you move to El cajon?

since when do you care?

Since I found it interesting that you’re in a area where all my friends used to be…

ChemBot has always lived in El Cajon…

Funny last location I knew of was Chembot lived up in what is conisdered La mesa over by grossmont college. which is actually on the 3 cornered border of La mesa , El Cajon, Santee. close to Fletcher Parkway.

Are you stalking chembot?

I’d say yes.

where exctly did you get this information, Leon?

From when you were at CS … and discussed a few things there you mentioned grossmont and a couple landmark areas. Its not that hard if you stop and just think on it.

As if it even mattered to you. If I also remembered a post where you mentioned alvarado medical center at some point. Sorry not trying to creepy you out it was just I thought saying you were in El cajon was a mistake and it should have been la mesa instead.

My mum uses EBay a lot… always kicing me off the PC.