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“Catalog of Russian porn sites. Best erotica of the ru-net. Links to all porn sites - sex shops, intimate pastimes, porn literature, erotica, teens, sex humor, fetish, lesbians, gay, (with?) secret camera, pissing, BDSM, celebrities, intercourse in the porn catalog.”


Awesome, I’ve always wanted to get links to half the internet!

It’s probably more like 3/4 of the internet, actually. I guess they just link you to google with the safe search filter turned off.

Well they’ve been banned, now to figure out something else…

Hello, I am [interested pornographic media consumer], and I would like to know at what location on this great big webbed Inter-net I might be able to locate [pornographic media]. Please assist me, as I have searched everywhere and cannot find any web-site on this Inter-net with such material!

Oh, no! What have you done? With the original posting edited out of this Inter-net web-site-page, I can no longer receive assistance with my [pornographic media] predicament! What will I do now?

Don’t worry, it is kind of a pickle you are in but I did a search for “pornography” and I found this image, it’s a real humdinger!