I’m going to E3 this year. Probably late Thursday afternoon and friday as well. Sweetness!

  1. Make sure you say “Wii” a lot to make yourself popular with the “in” crowd.

  2. Find Adam Sessler and shake his hand for being awesome.

  3. Steal me a copy of Okami. Oh, and Dead Rising.

  4. After they play the Halo 3 trailer, shout, “Who cares???” as loud as you can. Yelling “Booooo” is also acceptable.


take tons of photos/videos and post torrents to them here! the games are nice and all, but it’s really a show about the booth babes.

also, swag


I hear it’s going to be super crowded where blizzard are this year what with all the rumours about them releasing information about the WoW expansion (Mainly who the new race is), it should be a good one anyhow!

I hear you’re getting mugged at E3 this year.

Lol. I’ll probably only be able to go on Friday. I have two midterms on Thursday. Crap Damn!