Dreams - The weird/fucked up kind

What’s your weirdest/fucked up dream?

One of mine - I was a hippo that broke into a museum. Weird.

This one time I had this dream that was weird/fucked up. Then it gave me candy, which was most kind of it.

I also once dreamed I was a rhino transformer in a herd of rhinos. I was on all fours while I had this dream. Then I woke up (on all fours). Then I threw up (on the floor).

I had a dream that Bush was still president. It was fucked up.

Oh wai…

Smee, it looks like your dreams have come true :slight_smile:

Another dream i had was - I was a ninja turtle and i kicked some ass.

Smee, your dreams suck. psx, your dreams are the stuff that dreams are made of.

Once I had a dream where I could run really fast and fly and I was fighting godzilla over some high story flats but then at one point I went in the flats and there were some shops, so I went in to have a look and then I woke up. :frowning:

There was this one time I dreamed I got lai…

I don’t dream.

More then I can count. One time I dreamed the entire world was being overrun by this killer-virus red goop stuff that looked a lot like jello with lightning in it. After it devoured everything and/or took over the minds of everyone up to the walls of my room, then finally my bed, I woke up as it started flowing over my hands and arms and legs.

Dude, thats’ one killer wet dream!

If it’s anything like the electrified slime from Mario Sunshine you could just spray water at it.

I have woken up screaming after dreaming that bush was re-elected. The sad part is I really wouldn’t care THAT much, but my dream amplified my subconscious fear to the point were Bush being re-elected was as bad as being anally raped by Death.

Not… Not that I’d know what that’s like.

Not by Death, no. Or living in a country run by that creature (read same as first sentence, but replace “Death” with “Bush”).

I had a dream the other day where I invented a device that replaces human lungs and gets oxygen from water instead of air. In the dream a woman ran a marathon using my invention and never got out of breath. It was supposedly 6 times more efficient at getting oxygen for the body than breathing air. I was so convinced by my dream that when I woke up, I stopped breathing for a good 30 seconds or so; at which point I realized that I actually did need to breath and gasped for air.

hopefully not salt-water.