Don't ban Avenia

Mostly because it’s what s/he wants and you’re only gratifying her. Besides, it’s funny to watch.

It’s not even Avenia anymore.

If you’re going to keep the idiot patrol around (which you should not do) then keep them out of RH.

The Party is taking care of things.


I still think it would be funny to just toy with them and not ban them. Just keep pissing them off till they leave of their own accord…

i think you underestimate the power of their stupidity.

That’s true. But we really haven’t had fun with Leon for a good year and a half… Think of it as more fuel for Taylon =P If it gets old though, I’m not against banning. I’m just all up for more fun first.

So you’re telling me you have learned nothing in the last three years?

Alright. You’re right. But again, this is going to practically be the last chance we’ll have fun with Leon and have new input for McMorpheus in Taylon… I say take advantage of it while we can.

I have more than enough material for Taylon.

Ban ban ban ban ban.

I think Pipian has a point.

It can be fun, unless they start filling up all the threads with their garbage.

You mean, like they’ve been doing.

when i checked the forums today they were loaded with all this garbage. these forums are now the most active they have ever been.

See? Perfect justification.

2/25/04 Nevar Forget

That is the [SIZE=10]MOST AWESOME!!![/size] idea.

Well, now that you have input, can you ban that assclown?

i actually deleted her account per her request and she reregistered…


It sure looked to me like you deleted the account. It showed “unregistered” under her name, at least.

Mwhahaaaahahaaahahahahaaha yea no