Thought I’d check in on you ingrates.

Not much new here. Going to Europe in July. Going to college currently. Stuff. Semester ends in like 2 weeks.

I’ve switched. I’m now a complete mac convert. I am investing in a G5 tower in August, after I return from Europe. I’ve ditched my PC. It crapped out on me and I never bothered to get it fixed. I am typing this post from my 12" iBook. I hart mac.

Anyone die recently? Is Rav still sexy? Good. Trot still insanse? Excellent.

Site looks good in safari, by the way. And firefox sucks miserably on 10.3.

I agree with everything.

No, I’m ubber-sexy.

Now, seeing as your in Europe, and I live there, you should come see me, so I can rape you, kill you and cut you up inti little pieces before I eat you.

Or we can go see a band.

Don’t do it smee! Do it with style

Oh, my bad. I’m not in Europe yet. I won’t be until July.

Sorry to get your hopes up. The sexxoring will have to wait.

I can wait till July. But Metallica, Slayer, Machinehead, Cradle, Turbonego, HIM, and other bands are playing in JUNE!