Domain thievery

I used to own which expired on the 28th of last month. i didn’t renew it because, well i forgot, in any case it has been taken over by one of those stupid search websites. i don’t really care, but i find it stupid that some company would take the domain that i never used and try to get money from me for it.


I’m really sick of people who buy up domains to try and make a quick buck, not because I find it nefariously evil or even unlawful…I just think people who do things like that to make money are scuzzy, and probably work a day job in used car sales, or something.

I remember seeing a website a while ago by a guy who bought up domains like: and and would try to sell them to the celebrities they were named after, with absolutely no results.

But this is even more foolish, since they’re trying to make a profit off of your own name. On a website that never even existed. Because they’re internet geniuses…

like the idiot who bought even though I wasn’t using it because they thought I’d pay for it.

it’s a waiting game, when they lose interest you can just buy it back for the price you want.