Does Psx-dude IRC exist anymore?

I went to port 6997-7000 and I found noooooooooothing. :crying:

So is my mIRC program broken or has psx-dude’s IRC server been nerfed?

Dragon not the only to wonder what the h*ll happened to the PSX mIRC.

Yes! I’m bored out of my mind and wish to internet-relay-chat with you crazy peoples.

try now *** Looking up your hostname… *** Checking Ident *** Couldn’t look up your hostname


Hooray, it isnt dead after all!

Somone want to post a link to that java IRC client thingy so I can get my IRC on from workies?


more poeple come!

Fun is to be had! Go! Go now, before they’re all sold out!

Where is everyone, they are missing all the action. :frowning:

The action is both hot and heavy.

and trotsky is no-where is sight.

why is this? :crying:

Never seen Trotsky once at PSX IRC, so not so strange to me.