Description & disclaimer

Do you… [INDENT]Have something that is in the way and mostly catching dust these days?

Wish to help hobbyists, computer enthusiasts, students, autodidacts and other non-commercial users out there find to find what it takes to run, say, OpenVMS, IRIX, OS/400 or HP-UX on compatible [non—x86/-64] hardware?

Want to simply point to items of interest? [/INDENT]

Feel free to offer any items for sale here, the same goes if you’re looking for something that you’d like to purchase or trade for something else. In case you see something on the usual auction sites, feel free to link to that here as well! For clarity’s sake, prefix thread titles with the following or similar codes:[LIST][]FS (for sale)
]WTB (wanted to buy)
[]WTT (wanted to trade)
]II (item of interest)[/LIST]

This section is not intended for commercial interests, let alone for free advertisement nor any (guerrilla) marketing campaigns, whatsoever. The thread starter is fully responsible for what is offered, asked or otherwise mentioned. (Keep in mind, the legality of reselling certain items may vary greatly per country. Since this server is located in the USA, it’s best to avoid selling software that isn’t bundled with hardware or otherwise stated being free to be sold separately.)