Densha otoko: A Japanse drama about anime nerds and the internet

Densha otoko (Which translates to Train Man) is a drama running in Japan right now, it’s really pretty funny and I thought some of you might like it.

Basicly its a romantic comedy (And a super hilarious one at that) about this guy who is a very stereotypical otaku who meets the woman of his dreams on a train and after an incident, starts talking to her and goes back to post all about it on an internet board (He does that a lot during this show, but thats one of the best parts so thats okay :slight_smile: ).

Anyway I don’t want to spoil anymore but the show is actually all based on a 2-chan thread (Which is a big japanese forum for those that don’t know) and as well as this drama its been made already into a novel, manga and film, but well, for one thing I don’t think any of them include the imperial march theme!

All in all its all very reminiscent of a shounen manga, here’s some pictures:

The Protagonist:

The internet crew after some dramatic turn of events:

Otaku’s being Otakus:

The main characters love interest:

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Episode Three:

Episode Four:

Episode Five:

Episode Six:

Episode Seven:

Episode Eight:

Episode Nine:

Episode Ten:

Episode Eleven (Final Episode!):


You can get it all presubbed at

Or watch it streaming:

Needs more VFX powers.

It is good.

Did you know that Densha’s hobby is surfing? Also he likes finding fancy restaurants at which to eat. He’s not really a nerd at all!

There I put up links to all the episodes for anyone thats interested, the show just keeps getting better and better but I won’t spoil anything. :slight_smile: