December 31, 2003

So it’s new years eve, what is everyone doing for the new year?

Home day off , 2 Towers Fireworks and Pizza. With maybe some beer and dsl action.

Hooray, happy new years everyone, I have relations visiting, they were wanting to go to edinburgh to see the fireworks, but it was called off, so I have just really been at home with them and been drinking absinth and whisky all night. ^^

I set my hair on fire by standing to close to a candle.

I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s wrong with that, Blivy.

Hint: it wasn’t your judgement in standing by the candle.

I went to a friend’s house and made fun of him with another friend (Detritus) because he is majoring in journalism. JOURNALISM. Also because he has a tumor (yes, I’m a jackass. In my defense, it’s not a very bad tumor). Then I returned home and rang in the new year by watching The Tick (another of Fox’s victims).

They were going to make a live version, but they canned it because they’re FUCKING RETARDED.

They did make a live version. It lasted for a season, then they canned it. They are still fucking retarded though… I mean, how could they abandon Family Guy?! Well anyway, it was ok, but the cartoon was way better.

What did you think I was watching? The animated version? They’re never going to release that thing on DVD. It’s just too good; its glory would melt the disc.

Barbecues for lunch, dinner and the following day, Fireworks (woohoo) coughs from all the smoke.


I went to my girlfriends house, lied in her bed, and vomited profusely into a bucket.

And why did you do such a thing?

It’s not considered polite to vomit on people’s beds.

Why vomit at all (if it’s from hangover, overall question stands)?

he was very sick

I didn’t vomit on her bed, I vomited into a bucket.

And Chem is the only one with good common sense here, it should seem!

I’ve been away, thought I should catch up here and there… Are you still sick, and if not, for how long was it.

I was only sick for a day or so… ate some bad pizza rolls…

Never had much taste for pizza roles, always thought they were just glorified mazza balls with some tomato sauce stuck in.

To somehow keep on topic, I spent New Year’s Eve at my relatives enjoying a lot of the gifts were weren’t able to completely get together on Christmas to exchange. Watched several movies, including Seabiscuit, Gods and Generals (part of it), and The 70’s DVD of the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Cathedral of Auto Racing. All in all, enjoyed life, as is normal.