I learned that when people get decapitated and when your head is removed from the body, you are actually concious for and couple of seconds before you finally die. Isn’t that freaky?

To elaborate…
In France they basically decapitated murderers and such well into the 1970s, and some French medical scientist did a test with a criminal who was to be comdemned to the guillotine. After his head was removed, the scientist asked him questions and was to answer with blinking gestures. they asked him if he was alive (in French of course) and he blinked “yes.” they asked him other questions until 15-20 seconds later when he eventually died.

I’ve heard of that experiment too. I think it was the scientist who was having his head lopped off.

He wanted to prove that the head was still alive after it was cut off, so he said he would blink for as long as he can.

He blinked for 7 seconds.

Then he died.

And further more, when a man is hung to death (unless his neck breaks with the drop) he ejaculates himself before he ultimately dies.

Thank goodness for that good old lethal injection, eh?

I swear, just because your throat clogs up and you can’t scream doesn’t mean it doesn’t fucking hurt.

Lol, thats true. You can walk down the street and act like nothings happening but your chest is melting from the inside out due to a corrosive mixture of ammonia and bleach.

I’d imagine that most people who get decapitated go into shock as soon as they’re head is cut from their body.

That only lasts a little while. Then the person can look at things. And look at things. Then, around twenty-five seconds later, they remember their name was not Jaquille.

That’s totally creepy, but I have problems with it.

Would you really be able to move your eyes and open your mouth and stuff after your brain stem had just been severed from the core of your central nervous system?

Doesn’t your brain stem mostly deal with breathing and heartbeats and other stuff you don’t have to worry about any more once your head is severed?

I’m not sure.

Quick, somebody chop off my head.

According to the internet, it looks like the medula oblongata is the only bit low enough to likely be hit in decapitation.
The internet also says that the medula oblongata does the hearting beating, and the breathing, and some of the mouthing.