“Deathrow” VMS cluster (public access)

Anyone interested in VMS (as in OpenVMS) and/or public access systems? You may want to consider the “Deathrow” cluster! You’ll get free disk space, with an e-mail account, personal web directory, there’s a BBS-like (or better than BBS, if you ask me) system called [URL=“http://users.edinboro.edu/boamwood/DECquick.html”]DEC Notes and you’ll have a lot of Layered Products at your disposal, like the HP C/C++, Fortran, Java, etc. compilers. Too much to mention.

It’s also a great opportunity to get acquainted with a VMS cluster system, DCL, DECnet (a nice change from TCP/IP) and so forth.


My site there can be reached via the [URL=“http://winnili.net”]URL found in my profile here. It’s a bit outdated, at the moment (it’s a place-holder, actually). If time permits me, I’ll upload my new site on there soon. What you might find interesting, is the fact that it’s made with DCL and CGI (instead of typical choices like PHP, Ruby or Perl and CGI).

For more detailed and in-depth information, see [B][U]this[/U] post[/B].

As you may’ve noticed, the entire cluster ([FONT=“Courier New”]MANSON::[/FONT] which was already down and going to be taken care of, since a few days ago [FONT=“Courier New”]DAHMER::[/FONT] and since the day before yesterday [FONT=“Courier New”]GEIN::[/FONT]) is down. I hope it’ll return real soon.

It’s back again (has been for over a week or two by now), just so you know.

It’s (still) down, again, due to the relocation (which was rescheduled). According to administrator Beave, everything will be up and running again within the next few days in the new location.

Okay, it’s back again. For now just the [font=“Courier New”]GEIN::[/font] node, hopefully [font=“Courier New”]DAHMER::[/font] and [font=“Courier New”]MANSON::[/font] will be back again, too.

Some good news. In the DEC Notes they’ve announced that they’ll finally be bringing up the new HP Integrity (IA-64) rx2600 system, which will become known as [FONT=“Courier New”]JACK::[/FONT]. (Which was kindly donated to them by Hein van den Heuvel, known for RMS.)

I wonder how they’re going to place it into the cluster, since the rest of the systems run V7.3-1.

yey OpenVMS. I love it and I’m intrigued by it. :wink:

Good to have another DR member, or inmate, aboard here!

thanks mate, I sometimes play classic games in their machine like TETRIS and GRANNY…

my username there is johndean. =)

If anyone should be interested in a graphical ‘desktop’ environment for OpenVMS, better known as DECwindows (which includes CDE, roughly what Solaris [>9], HP-UX, AIX and so forth use), then make sure to read this post: I explain how you can use an X desktop on [FONT=“Courier New”]GEIN::[/FONT].