there seems to be a lack of new topics and interesting conversations, so, why isn’t anyone posting shitloads of interesting stuff? :slight_smile:

One word.

well i thought this was to be a more interesting topic.

Really? (ponders on such thoughts)

Umm… :goof: hmm…

Maybe the insane banning of people without reason comes to mind, and some of us are pissed off at dumbass totalitarianist bastards who follow the suggestion of someone who’ll get a piece of verbal nuclear holocaust when his buddy the blood warrior finds out who it was?

Just a thought.

On a lighter note, you cut out the “That’s the end result of your supposedly ideal world,” segment of our conversation, Drag…you thought it a good idea to ban all religions and so forth, remember? You never cease to amaze with your “anti-Squall propaganda.” Am I that important to you?


But I never said it would be a good idea, I said it would be cool, but when I think about it, it would probally just cause more people to be religion-extremists. I dont have anything against relgion per-se I just think religions are pretty silly and they do more bad than good, but I guess people should be able to believe in whatever they want.

Edit: :freak:

Mind explaing what you mean by this, Squall?

I think it’s a threat. Watch out for swarthy persons, Dragon; any one of them could be ready to offer you a free sample of delicious piping hot death.

I sure hope he’s not implyin that psx-dude or I are “dumbass totalitarianist bastards”. 'cause if he is, I will break him and send him to the dungeons while simultaniously hopping on one foot close to a cliff edge.

let us elongate all our highly prized and great english speaking and discussion skills to say something utterly important to… i can’t continue…

Why would you ever think it was aimed at you, Chem…unless, of course, you’re admitting you were the instigator. And on another note, since when is stating an die-hard opinion outlawed at this place?

Uh. The totalitarian bastards would be the ones who followed the suggestion. Only Chem and psx are capable of following the suggestion.

Only psx and I can ban people, so obviously we must be the ones targeted by your comment. You can have a die-hard opinion if you want, just as long as you don’t threaten others.

WHATS IT TAKE TO GET BANNED AROUND HERE !!! ??? Leon Posts a Smiley gets banned I give Leon My Account and nothing happens???

The difference is Leon had it coming.

the difference is i haven’t been on the forum all day.

Avenia, since this is your first offense, you get a two week ban. 2nd offense 4 week ban, 3rd, perm ban.

Hooray for no exceptions.

You are a fair one, Mr. Thnikkaman