Death to Pokemon Club

For humanity.

For a good laugh, then humanity

For great justice!

For the warchief and the tribes!

For the horde!

For Lordaron!
Oh, wait…
For Adun!

For Khaz Modan!

For sanity?

For the Lich King!

For Ash Ketchum

For what the hell is Leon talking about?
Also, for Zul-Jinn

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK !!! -Ash Ketchum - The stupid puke who started the pokemon bullshyt.

For Dan Qayle and his pikachu.

For Mo’Adib.

For the Space Armada!

For who haven’t been cursed yet.

For those that have not discovered pokemon … don’t.

And mainly. For those who have.

Originally posted by Trot_to_Trotsky
For Mo’Adib.


For Boromir, defender of the White City.

For the Evil that dwelleth.

Because of the Evil that dwelleth. Death to Pokemon.