Dear Africa, YOU SUCK. Sincerely, Trotsky

What’s the first thing you do when you find a rotting boar carcass in the middle of a steaming jungle?

Correct, you eat it, catch ebola and die, in this order.

This is the same region that got ebola a year ago from eating…that’s right…rotting monkey meat.


That group of hunters must have missed the email newsletter that says not to eat rotting carcasses when you’re starving to death. Oh well, sucks to be them.

I don’t think they were starving to death, since a young schoolboy refused to eat ROTTING BOAR MEAT.

If he were starving, he probably would have chowed down.

No, I chalk this one up to stupidity. AND SICK ASS FUCKING CUSTOMS!

But that boar carcass looked so tasty. :frowning:

They always do. However, like homosexuality, just because it looks like a whole lot of fun does not mean it’s good for you.

Hmm… I had rotting pig flesh on Saturday (old ham sandwich) and all it gave me was SARS and a headache.

Heh. “I went to the rotting boar carcass and all I got was this stupid hemorrhage.”

Put that on a T-Shirt, and you’ve got yourself a goldmine.

Eating rotting carcasses is what Africa is all about!

“I’ve seen the rest of the world. It’s savage. Rome is the light.”
Maximus Decimus Meridius

It’s also sufficient reason for us to conquer them, I say, and teach proper sanitation protocols. Canada’s invited to come along, whaddya say??

No way, you guys keep shooting at us.

You’re either with the rotting boar carcass eaters, or against them.

–George W. Bush

I’m against them. God save the whales.

I smell libel.

I’m against them. God bless the whales.