Dawn of the Dead remake

Best movie ever.

Go see it right now.

If you don’t, you’re gay.

If you don’t think it’s the best movie ever, you’re gay.

If you’re having another man put his penis into your anus, you’re gay.

If you’re masturbating to pictures of a nother man’s penis because you’re alone and crying, and the tears are like lube for your masturbatory excitement, you’re depressed, lonely, fat and gay.


Darn good film.

The bus scene at the beginning was genius. The chainsaw scene was genius. The Andy scenes were genius. The entire movie was genius.

Drop what you are doing and go see this movie immediately.

I couldn’t agree more.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything everyone has said in this thread. This movie is pure god damn gold.

For even more fun, see this movie immediately after watching The Passion Of The Christ.

Interesting bit of trivia: The movie had to be submitted 7 or 8 times to the ratings nazis in order for it to gain an “R” rating. The director has said that he will release a “Not Rated” version of the movie when it goes to video. I gleefully await this.

Passion of the Christ and Dawn of the Dead double feature? Sounds like a damn fine plan. Now to get out of work so I can accomplish this plan… I think I’ve come down with a severe case of gottahavefunzies and the only cure is to call in sick at work and see previously mentioned double feature.

Think they’ll buy it?


Oh shit the Trotsky Guard spotted me I can’t let him sound the alarm oh SHI