Database Outages

It appears the database keeps going out. I share the server with Pipian and he’s been looking at it more closely than I have. It looks like disk i/o starts going up and then both the MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers go down. Pipian will be looking at exactly why this may be the case and will modify the Apache configuration since he believe this to be an issue with the Apache webserver. I’ll keep this thread updated when I know more. If this doesn’t solve the problem then I think I might push for making another server for just the DB, I was thinking of getting a system just for IRC, might as well get 1 or 2 more vms.

So 6 yrs later what was the actual cause the DB Hiccups? Was it just a Boolean issue or problem with network topology?


Yo, Chris ! You need help cleaning the DB of the lil spamshitterbots that invaded this place?