Damn't! Credit Card Used and Abused!

So apparently my credit card number was stolen, how, I don’t know. But they rang up 3,000 dollars on it and some of the charges have yet to go through, but I suspect they will. Strangely, I have the card with me, there are no other copies of it, but it was somehow used (swiped) several times when I was working. Luckily, I probably won’t b fucked and lose the cash they spent, but its still a strange thing. But it makes me wonder: Has anyone else experienced this type of activity before?

Man this sucks, It hasn’t happened to me thankfully (I really just keep my credit card at home for the most part).

I saw a program about people in restaurants stealing cards before though, using those handheld machines where you put your card in.

http://www.credit.com/products/security/Identity-Theft-Basics.jsp is a page telling you about various ways it can happen.

I’m glad you won’t lose any money though.

Using skimmers to steal credit card data seems to be getting very popular. All someone has to do is swipe your card in a machine with a skimmer attached and they’ve got your credit card info, which they can then use to create a counterfeit credit card under their name with a real magnetic stripe that connects your bank account.

I read in the police blotter a couple weeks ago that someone found a skimmer attached to a credit card input at a gas pump. There was a also a big scandal near where I live where a guy who owned a smoke shop used a skimmer and ended up stealing money from like 80 different customers who had shopped there. So it could be someone unscrupulous from anywhere you shopped.

It’s getting real easy to do shit like this. Lame.

It’s only easy to do so if you work at wherever the skimmer is. So you’re kind of taking a huge risk when you do it.

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