Cybernauts Podcast


With Believe it or not our old friend Arik R. Avila from D7 Studios. Chris you remember Arik don’t ya.:monoke:

I do, its interesting to see him now. Looks like Texas is the place to be, California is so damned expensive.

Its one teh main ressons I stayed here in utah instead of going back home and ending up back east as a momma’s boy helping the family out. That and the price of living out here is awesome if you can get the right job.

Chris, is this place as dead as mine? We need some salvos to throw at people and get them back involved me thinks.

It seems like it, I’ve done some work to try and get people here for OpenVMS but haven’t had much luck getting people to register. I haven’t had much time to work on improving this site to try and get more to register.

Go check the wordpress site. I’m hoping the article will gather some followers again.

Which site is that? <-- that one.

Holy crap. I love that potter picture you posted up! :slight_smile:

Yea, we’re also resurrectign the podcast either next week or the week after with #JessicaPirdemore and #AndrewDuvall to discuss the current state of affairs on health care reform, Cosplay, Gaming & movies.