Cuz this is MYYYY United States of WHATEVER!


Here’s an idea: learn to play the fucking piano; leave arcade forever and serenade me with delightful songs involving pianos and shots that are big.

Note to self: Stop clicking on threads posted by Trotsky.

How could playing this game make you cool, or gain you recognition?

It’s just a huge pettern that you have to remember.

Can one of the fine mods just delete this SJX guy’s posts?

I mean, it’s either Leon or someone trying to be funny.

It’s some clown in Indiana, by the IP (roms was kind enough to share the IP).

Do we have any posters in Indiana?

And God knows what we all think about people who try to be funny.

Cancer is the punishment God has brought down on us for tolerating the funny folk.

Hmmmmm Yup leon again right here live and slapping it to you HoseBags. :flame dev :bash and This joke has My Vote to be the lead Admin/Moderator for RomsHand. You guys just Don’t learn do you. As far as who lives in indiana… Think about that for a sec… if you don’t get it by say the end of the week ya all need to smoke more crack, have aborted fetus bring in a few kegs and then maybe just -=maybe=- you’d realize just who it is. [SIZE=7]DUH!!! [/SIZE]

Omg Rotfl I Guess The Jokes On Us Lololololololololololol Rotfl Omg

Learn what now

AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH I’m leaving that post there, because Gil’s reply is perfect.