Note LAN Party, last post by. Checked the user profile, and there was none. Am I so out of touch that my thinking that you have to register in order to post is long since a thing of the past…or is weirdness afoot on the forums?

EDIT: And I cannot attach a file, I see.

I thought this thread would be about you being bi-curious. I would’ve read and then laughed, I’m kinda sad it’s not about you being bi-curious.

Why would I ever be bi-curious? I’m the one who first mentioned hope that PSX’s Hot Chicks thread would live forever.

I kinda hoped you might be a chick…

Because then the next 80 posts would be: PIX PLZ

Sorry to say, I’ve never seen any chick, on any forum, post up this kind of avatar.

Looks at Squall Hmm…why would you want that thread to live forever? :disgust:

Do you have any complaints about the thread, Vampiress?

Out of curiousity?

If she is offended by the thread, I’ll have to talk to psx about closing it. If there’s no complaints, there’s no worries.

haha talk about pressure.
maybe she could just post guy porn, but have it be a link of course

~_^ ^^;;;;;;;; ^_____^

Because girls, including yourself, are hott. They, and you, have to learn to deal with that fact.

Sighs, and decides it’s best to just leave this argument.

[QUOTE=Zeidrich]haha she could just post guy porn,[QUOTE]

Well that would be fair but as links no. Why should she? If you guys can post Tits & assshe can post a Hot link or Slappin Salami if she wants, its only afterall “fair” .

I’m not sure such a link would work on complex psychological grounds…but maybe I’m wrong, who knows.