Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Saw the previews and I could care less what ya all think this game will ROCK ! The Cel shading on Chow YUN fat was superb and the way they did Michelle Yeoh I’m in love all over again. August , I’m so at The Store…

Chow YUN Fat. I think. And if you don’t care what we think, why did you post this here, instead of writing in your diary or something?

Because , … I can

That Is The Most Awesome Reason Ever, I Must Now Go Expose Myself To Policemen Because I Can.

do you have a link to this game at all?

You go do that , better yet go now instead, Me? I’m going someplace you’re not YAY !

Yeah I do here ya go

it looks more like tekken with swords than anything truly revolutionary. it doesn’t really look like they’re cell shaded either.

I dunno , I think this game will truelly rock and I’ll stand by that but to each thier own. Tron 2.0 is also something on my list the same time CTHD coes out too.

hmmm looks quite promising… I wonder how they’ll transition between the “brawls, duels and chases”

Meh, I’ll just play another repetitive GC Marvel game instead.

Hulk smash!

From what I saw on X-Play the cutscenes are choice and well chorographed.

pre-rendered or real time cutscenes?

Pre-rendered but with the way they do it you couldn’t tell the diffrence.

So why bother?

hears the Weezer song coming into his head


/me just stares and says “Because it is GTHD” Why you even think of asking such a question?

/me shakes head.

Am I in IRC?

Just kidding, The game looks nice, Hopefully the gameplay will be as good.

I saw a preview of it on X-Play on TechTV, and I thought it looked like a pretty game. I like how they left the language as Mandarin with English subtitles. It shows a lot of class.

They also showed a hidden mode of gameplay where as Li Mu Bai you are wearing the suit that Chow Yun Fat wore in A Better Tomorrow II. That’s more badassedness than can be put into words.